Think Winter Is Boring?

Snowy festive display will take your breath away!

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Winter season is pure magic bringing fabulous icy celebrations and inspiring a festive rush to the world. No fear of the cold!

Be ready to hit the slopes during the day and then get ready to dance the night away!

Pick up trips to the hottest winter celebrations worldwide. Plan your winter accordingly to warm up your frozen mood!

Season’s huge chill outs will see you watching films atop a ski resort, rocking out to electronic music at the foot of snow-capped peaks, learning new skills and trying new things.

World's Winter Giants

Carnaval de Quebec

Where: Canada
The largest winter festival in the world performing amazing snow sculptures starring an incredible ice palace. Compete in dog sledding, canoe and sleigh racing, and things really get hopping when thousands descend for the night parade!

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

Where: China
See some of the worlds best ice sculptures. They create an ice and snow wonderland that you can walk through by day, then at night the addition of lights makes the scene truly magical. After seeing the festival, you can enjoy snow skiing.

The Sapporo Snow Festival

Where: Japan
The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s largest winter events. You will be mesmerized by the stunning carvings and frozen artwork that lines the streets of these locations.

European Snowy Offers

Polaris Festival

Where: Switzerland
With three glorious days of skiing or boarding and listening to some of the coolest music in electro and techno, you’ll never want it to end!

Ice Music Festival Geilo

Where: Norway
A particular different music festival experience totally created of ice and snow! Not only is the sculptures and elements of the landscape, but even instruments used in live performance!


Where: France
Festival with amazing pistes, music and other activities to get involved in. Even if you’re not feeling like the slopes or any more partying you can definitely get on board with paintballing, snowball fights, karaoke – there is never a dull moment!

US Winter Carnivals

St. Paul Winter Carnival

When: January 24-February 3. The nation's biggest cold-weather festival is also the oldest one. Floats, a scavenger hunt, ice sculpture carving and a dogsled race are just a few ways to enjoy the frigid fun.

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

When: February 1-10. The main attraction and a gemstone of the event is the Ice Palace, a giant castle constructed each year out of blocks of ice. The 10-day carnival includes a parade, winter games, and the crowning of Ice Palace "royalty", ending with a firework.

Dartmouth Winter Carnival

When: February 7-10. Organized by and for the students of Dartmouth College, the winter festival features ski races, sleigh rides, and ice skating supported by musical performances and plenty of treats.

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Whether you’re in the mood to heat things up with a party or chill out with snow sculptures, there are plenty of exciting events worth traveling for this winter. Our experienced team offers you a wide selection of tours to wonderful winter celebrations around the globe! You’ll never find yourself bored at this festival with amazing pistes, music, and other activities to get involved in. Choose a tour perfect for you. We will passionately organize it for you to ride the best slopes and experience the best activities.

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